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Kudamaloor Muraleedhara Marar

Few Words about Muraleedhara Marar

kudamaloor muraleedhara marar born in a small village in Kottayam district named kudamaloor,a land of temples and artists, He is from a temple bound community . He started learning music from his grandfather sarvasree kattiparambil Gopala marar at the age of 10. His father Bhaskara marar also a renowned artist.

on 1990 He passed first class with first rank from kshetra kalapeedam by Travancore dewaswam board on panchavadyam, sopana sangeetham, kalamezhuttu pattu, pani vadanam,chenda melam, idakka, ashtapadi. In 1992 he joined tranvancore dewaswam board as an temple artist. he is an AIR and Doordarsam recognised artist since 1993 . He did many programs for AIR and Doordarsan on panchvadyam. kalamezhuttu pattu, sopanasangeetham, kelikottu etc.

He got fellowship from Central Ministry for Human Resource Development, Department of Culture for research purpose on kalamezhuttu pattu on 1998. and got scholarship in 2001 for sopana sangeetham from Central Ministry for Tourism and Culture

On 2002 he got scholarship for Kalamezhuttu pattu from Central Lalitha Kala Academy. He awarded for Kalamezhuttu pattu by Kerala Folklore Academy in 2010. He is a registered Artist in sopanan sangeetham for Ministry of information and broadcasting, song and dramas division

Currently he is engaged with teaching and performance of kalmezhuttu pattu, Sopana sangeetham, panchavadyam, thayampaka , chenda melams, panchavadyam etc. He is the director of Sopanam Kalavedi and Research centre which engaged in research and teaching students various Art forms free of cost.


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